Kristen is compassionate, easy to talk with, and regarded as a person with a calming effect and client-centred approach. Dedicated to facilitate the work done by individuals and families to create healing from past hardship and transgenerational trauma.

Kristen has a deep understanding of how anyone can find the child welfare system stressful, scary, isolating, and overwhelming. It is not uncommon to feel invited but not welcomed, to be called by name but not seen as a person, to be asked to answer but not to be heard.

In some circumstances, it is true that parents may not be in a position to raise their children, but are capable of helping make good decisions for them and of being active in their lives in the healthiest and safest way possible.

Kristen is a valued facilitator, and a holistic practitioner specializing in family finding, supporting children, youth, parents, and kin. She has expertise in leading group processes involving challenging family and life situations. Kristen is a professional with integrity and ensures others are respected and heard.

Mental Health Support

Available for individuals or groups who need support including:

  • Advising/advice-giving, instruction, assisting in resolution of dilemmas, assisting in improvement of coping strategies
  • Crisis intervention/management, including de-escalation, safety planning, referral to other services
  • Problem solving, including information and advice giving, social skill development, instruction, emotional regulation
  • Single session and support group facilitation
  • Genealogy and family engagement

Consultation for Child Protection Cases

Available for individuals and their legal counsel to consult with:

  • Voluntary Service Agreements and plans 
  • Form 33B: Plan of Care for Child(ren) (Children’s Aid Society)
  • Form 33B.1: Answer and Plan of Care (Parties other than Children’s Aid Society)
  • Kinship Plans (relative or other non-paid caregivers)
  • Form 35.1: Affidavit (decision-making responsibility, parenting time, contact)
  • Family Finding and Family Engagement meetings

File Disclosure Support

Available to support people who have experienced foster care and or adoption, and who may also be “Sixties Scoop” Survivors, and have exercised their right to obtain file disclosure from Children’s Aid Societies.

Access to personal information and disclosure is pursuant to Part X of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act and the Access to Adoption Records Act. The personal information provided can come with unfamiliar professional jargon, emotionally heavy content, and with no guidance or support in making sense of it all.

Family Engagement Meeting Facilitation

Available for facilitation of Family Engagement meetings for families experiencing child welfare intervention with challenges to help identify bottom lines, action plans for caregivers and children, and a timeline for resolution and child protection file closure.

Family Engagement meetings can also be valuable for service provider collaboration with service recipients and their natural network to help create their service plans with accountability for all participants that result in achievable outcomes in the best interest of families, children and youth.