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Why Full Circle Family Engagement?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the child welfare world, Kristen Banfield knows the importance of efforts by families to stay together, reunify when separated, and restore and protect relationships with one another, culture, neighbourhood and community. She is dedicated to the idea that people are made uniquely capable through their struggle and that people who are empowered always find growth, and healing, in their process of building a good life.

Services available through Full Circle Family Engagement focus firmly on effective, convening, catalyzing and facilitation practices which offer a safe context for facing the challenges that most affect our lives.

Kristen is dedicated to providing support with a focus on healing through the power of human encounter and relationship strengthening. When working alongside Kristen, people are trusted to use their own capabilities and strengths.

For those enduring the child welfare system, Kristen is able to help people navigate and understand what has been written about them through the lens of a government agency. She can support them by developing a purposeful and practical plan that can include actionable items for mandated processes but also for personal change, growth, and healing long after a government file is closed.

She will help people advocate for themselves and in the best interest of the children they love. With this comes the belief that all people have the right to equitable treatment and have the ability to help make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

Almost 20 years of experience in the child welfare world told Kristen that through paths of suffering, healing is always possible.

Committed to realistic, practical, and meaningful results.

Specializing in family engagement services tailored to:

  • Advocating and consulting for the needs of families, children, and youth
  • Information/advice and knowledge transfer for family engagement and wellness, individual coping and wellness strengthening
  • Single session counselling
  • Support Group facilitation
  • Teaching, including social skill development, emotion regulation, programs to reduce suffering and increase wellness

With focus, clarity and hope Full Circle Family Engagement is here to help.